Finally finished the redesign on the website. Hope you like the changes.


   Do you have an idea for a website that you would like to take to the next level? Could your small business or organization benefit from enhanced visibility and real-time information availability? If so, contact JoshPro to take the next step towards building your web presence.

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   Whether it's a computer virus that has your old Dell at a standstill or simply a case of "Windows Rot," I can get it running like new again.
   I’ll back-up any important data, or attempt to recover it from an out-of-commission PC depending on your requirements.

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   Mention this ad from the rebuilt website and get a "Speed Up Package" for only $50!

New PCs

   Sometimes the best option is to replace your old PC with something shiny and new. I can help you wade through the options on a store-purchased PC or custom build a PC to your exact requirements using top notch parts, all for about the same cost.

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